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The protection of diesel engine set is realized by neutral grounding resistance cabinet

 2021-07-27 | View:516

As we know, now is the era of the rise of big data. The construction of an oil room in the data center cannot be separated from all kinds of power generation equipment, among which the diesel unit is the most common.

The diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment that takes the diesel engine as the prime mover and drives a synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generation device with a quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, and strong adaptability to the environment.

A diesel engine set is a kind of power generation equipment based on diesel fuel. The diesel engine is the prime mover to drive the generator (electric bill) to generate electricity and convert the kinetic energy into electric energy and heat energy. The whole diesel generator set is mainly divided into three parts:

1, diesel engine 2, generator (electric ball) 3, controller

diesel engine

Generating equipment is the source of all electricity, and if the diesel engine sets fail, there will be a series of problems. So if the protection of diesel generator sets is the top priority.

Diesel engine common single-phase grounding faults are caused by: fault current reaches a certain value, arc grounding occurs, resulting in arc grounding overvoltage, damage to the insulating oil of the generator stator winding, or even burning iron core, resulting in interphase or inter-turn short circuit.

We eliminate the fault mainly take into account the issue of current limiting step-down, neutral point grounding resistance can limit the fault current to the appropriate value, on the one hand, the sensitivity and selectivity of relay protection have enough, at the same time, make the point of failure only mild local damage can occur, limit the transient over-voltage to normal line voltage on the neutral point voltage of 2.6 times, restrict arc reigniting, To prevent the arc gap overvoltage from damaging the main equipment, and at the same time to prevent ferroresonance overvoltage, also has a significant effect.

Therefore, it has become a trend to install the grounding resistance cabinet at the neutral point of the diesel engine, and now it is generally used with the grounding resistance cabinet and the contactor cabinet. This saves costs and reduces maintenance.

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