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Changfa GB-series tractor adopts a gear shifting structure with 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears, equipping with heavy chassis, the famous brand engine offers more power and large traction force for the operations as ploughing, rotary tillage,subsoiling etc.

(Note: All current Changfa tractors of various series and models are manufactured by Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Company, in Changfa Industrial Park, Lijia Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. Changzhou Changfa Imp. And Exp. Co., Ltd is the exporter of Changfa tractors, and also one subsidiary of Jiangsu Changfa Agricultural Equipment Company, not a Distributor.)

Light & Comfortable Operation

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16+16 Shuttle Side Shift

A domestic leading shuttle-type shifting structure is adopted, which has 16 forward gears and 16 reverse gears.With wide range of speed(2.43~39.06 km/h), large number of gears, and speediness of shifting operation, the tractor can meet the demand of various operations.


Synchronized Shifting

By adopting synchronizer for gear shifting, the tractor has a more smooth experience while changing and hooking up gears.


Imported LUK Heavy Clutch

A LUK-brand heavy and double-acting clutch imported from Germany is adopted, which has a torsion damper, making the engaging process smooth and the operation convenient. The clutch has a long using life with high readability.


Large Operating Space

According to the international leading concept of ergonomics, HA-series tractor adopts suspended-type of pedals, flat floor, sided-placed gearshift, adjustable steering wheel and adjustable seat. The operating mechanisms distribute reasonably and then enlarge driving space, reducing drivers’ labor intensity and strengthening operating comfort.


Hydrostatic Wet-type Brake

The tractor adopts hydrostatic wet-type self-energizing brake which is comfortable and convenient to operate with accurate and reliable braking process, greatly enhancing security during driving and operating.


Imported Electronic Control Hydraulic Lifting System

The tractor is equipped with Rexroth-brand electronic lifting system imported from Germany. It can automatically adjust working conditions of agricultural implements timely and accurately according to the soil condition and operating situation of whole unit. With convenient operation and high reliability, this system can significantly improve working efficiency.

High Operating Efficiency

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Large Machine Quality

The maximum using weight of the whole machine reaches to six tons. With larger traction force, the tractor can pull heavy agricultural implements.


New Configuration

The tractor is equipped with high-quality rear-view system, Centralized LCD instrument panel, and a camera with night vision, wihch can meet the demand of working all-day around and improving working efficiency. The use of folding structure in both engine oil cooler and air-condition radiator makes it convenient for maintenance.


High Capacity Fuel Tank

The filler of rotational molding fuel tank with high-capacity is located reasonably. And the capacity of 220 liters guarantees a continuous work for more than 12 hours, reducing the fee and time wasted by refueling process and improving work efficiency.


Adequate Torque Reserve

The tractor is equipped with domestic leading and superb Yuchai engine which has low fuel consumption and save more fuel. The tractor accelerates quickly with enough torque reserved and stronger power.


Excellent Steering Performance

By adopting international leading design concept, Changfa designs and manufactures this excellent front drive axle for HA-series tractor which can gain smaller turning radius and higher quality consequently.

HA series tractors enable users to fully enjoy the convenient experience brought by the new technology through the excellence of quality and details. This model is widely suitable for various operation needs such as plowing, rotary tillage, and deep loosening.

Surging power  Efficient operation
Standard equipped with Yuchai engine, Bosch high pressure common rail, low fuel consumption, fast speed, strong power, durability and reliability, torque reserve coefficient of 33%
Equipped with a 270L large-capacity fuel tank, it is convenient to refuel and meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation.
It has the function of multi-working mode selection, which are fuel-saving, standard, and burst. The user selects the corresponding mode reasonably according to the working conditions to save fuel.
Standard 32+32 speed gearbox with crawler gear; optional 16+16 speed gearbox; multiple gears, reasonable speed, high efficiency, low fuel consumption; driving speed up to 34.78 km/h, field transfer and transportation operations More advantages.

Simple operation and free control
It has the function of manual reversing of strong pressure and non-strong pressure to meet the needs of more operations. The synchronizer shifts gears and is easy to operate. Shuttle-type shifting operation can realize the rapid conversion between forward and reverse in one hook.
Optional German imported electric control lifter system, which can automatically realize force adjustment and comprehensive adjustment of force position according to field soil and unit operation conditions in time and accurately. It adopts a side shift layout, which is comfortable and convenient to operate.
Optional imported quick-hook hanging, single-handed hanging is more convenient. Optional Changfa original automatic driving system, high-precision straight line operation, greatly improve soil utilization, and reduce the driver's labor intensity.
Independently controlled double-acting clutch is adopted, which makes gear shifting and power output easy to connect; hydraulic power-assisted clutch operation makes the clutch operation easier. It adopts hydraulic steering, which is flexible and light, with a small turning radius and more flexible steering.
Comfortable driving experience
The cab has good dustproof effect, dry powder spray does not enter ash; good waterproof effect, no leakage in rain. The surrounding air outlet of the air conditioner has better cooling effect.
Equipped with a shock-absorbing and noise-reducing soft-package cab, luxurious shock-absorbing adjustable seats, USB interface MP3 music player, high-quality large stereo, teacup seat, driving comfort.
Superior performance, safe and reliable
The whole vehicle uses waterproof wiring harness to effectively reduce the phenomenon of poor contact.
Equipped with imported quick-change connectors, better sealing performance.
Cone sealing hydraulic valve with hydraulic lock structure can effectively avoid static settlement. Equipped with famous gear pumps and quick-change couplings, high reliability and longer life.
Equipped with wet disc brake, the braking effect is good and the product stability is high.
The hydraulic lifting system is equipped with a horizontal pressure lifter as standard, with a lifting force of more than 35.3kN. The hydraulic pipeline has good sealing performance, effectively reducing leakage.
Cone sealing hydraulic valve with hydraulic lock structure can effectively avoid static settlement.
Equipped with famous gear pumps and quick-change couplings, high reliability and longer life. Use high-quality oil seals to greatly reduce leakage.
Reinforced suspension rods have strong appearance, reliable quality and long service life.
Equipped with a desert air filter with large flow and large dust holding rate, the air intake is cleaner.

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