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How can you make the fault of 4x4 tractors less

 2021-07-08 | View:481

As the number of 4x4 tractors, four-wheel drive tractor in the use of the problem is more and more, have use operation improper, and have maintenance improper, below we introduce a few items that four-wheel drive tractor should pay attention to in use.

First, it is strictly prohibited to connect the front-drive when the hard road surface is used for transportation or when the empty car is running

The front-drive axle is not allowed to be used when the 4x4 tractor is running on a hard road or when the vehicle is empty, otherwise, it will cause early wear of the front tire. The front-drive axle can only be used when the road is slippery on rain and snow days or when the rear wheel is skidding on the big slope. When the tractor passes through the difficult section, the front drive should be removed immediately.

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Second, when the field is under heavy load, or when working on the wet and soft soil, it is necessary to connect the front drive axle to use 4x4 tractor in the field heavy load operation, or the wet and soft soil work, improves improve the tractor adhesion performance, improves the tractor traction and operation adaptability, can be connected to the front drive axle to use four-wheel drive.

Three, can't change before and after the 4x4 tractor when using all-wheel-drive, in theory at the front wheel, rear wheel linear velocity exactly is the best, but the actual design due to the gear transmission is not infinitely variable speed, can not meet the same, which will appear when using front and rear wheels rotate speed is not the same, That is to say, there will be either the front wheel fast or the rear wheel fast phenomenon, the tractor will produce parasitic power, if the parasitic power is too large, it will make the tractor can not be used normally, so in the design of the general requirements of the front and rear wheel, difference rate is not more than 3%.

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