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What are the applications of single phase diesel generators?

 2021-09-02 | View:771

Single phase diesel generator is a kind of AC power supply equipment of self-provided power station. It is a small independent power generator driven by an internal combustion engine and a synchronous alternator. Brushless synchronous alternator and machine tool crankshaft coaxial installation, can use the rotation of the generator set to drive the rotor of the generator, using the "electromagnetic induction" principle, the generator will output induced electromotive force, by closing the load loop can produce current.

single phase diesel generator

Single phase diesel generators have a wide range of applications, including some field operations, electricity is not convenient, do not choose to use the generator set. Now many factories, some of the lack of electricity is convenient, so this kind of generator set is also used as a backup emergency power supply, because of the shortage of power supply, now many other cities in the peak power limit, often encounter power situation, many traders also choose to use this kind of generator to power themselves.

Single phase diesel generatorset in highway and railway construction, because at that time there are still many deficiencies in the power set value, often choose this generator set; When mining, power equipment must be used, but there is a power problem, but also equipped with this generator, dizzy generator has a comprehensive power range; In addition, many places, such as banks, because they can't run out of electricity, they also have to have backup power for generators, so they have to have generators because generators can not only meet the needs of lighting, but also support industrial electricity, so make a great contribution to the healthy operation of the market economy.

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