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CF5HXE-12 -15 Circulating grain dryer
Circulating grain dryer

Product Highlights

CHANGFA CF5HXE-12/CF5HXE-15 grain dryer adopt top - level heated air circulation technology and automatic operating system with high drying efficiency and low breakage rate. The machine can precisely control the moisture content, reduce the crack rate of grain, and improve the quality of rice, becoming the domestic high-end cross-flow grain dryer.

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Dryer main body

Reasonable proportion of double-layer drying layer and high-power fan and good penetrability of drying medium result in uniform drying and high efficiency.The upper and lower slide pipes are used to enter and exit the grain. The low temperature and balanced circulation operation can minimize the crushing rate of the grain and improve the quality of the dried grain.Automatic proportional temperature control device with stable structure and precise temperature control.The dust removal device with low energy consumption can effectively remove the awns and hairs on the surface of the grain and improve the cleanliness of the dried grain.The discharge shaft adopts a polymer integrated bearing, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.It has good wear resistance and long service life.Electronic control system using PLC control, Chinese and English interface, intelligent and humanized, can easily achieve human-computer interaction.

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Appearance Dimensions

Unit: mm

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Complete set diagram of dryer

Complete set diagram

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Supporting equipment

The auxiliary equipment of the dryer is standardized, which can be combined in menu mode for the drying project.The engineering structure adopts high quality steel plate, and transmission adopts high quality reducer, motor, bearing. It ensures the stability and reliability of the equipment, long service life and high cost performance.Professional team and perfect service system can customize "one-stop turnkey project" for users to ensure satisfaction.

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Hot Air Furnace CF5LMS-65

Specifications :3521 x 2048 x 4885.Heat :650,000 kcal/h.Thermal temperature :60-120°C.Thermal efficiency :≥65%.Fuel: coal, straw, rice husk, corncob, coconut shell, wood, coffee shell and other fuels.Features: Fast heating rate, high thermal efficiency, stable heating, simple operation and long service life.

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Burner RG3D, RG4D

Heat :15.3/203,000 kcal/h.It adopts burner imported from Italy with double section fire control, which lead to full combustion, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

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Hoist CFT DTG 3628/4028/5033

Handling capacity :25-30/40-50/45-60t/h.The machine has beautiful appearance, small volume and large conveying capacity.The head and tail wheel adopts squirrel cage structure, which can minimize the crushing rate of grain.Special dryer bucket and strong bucket belt are adopted for reliable transmission, stable rotation, low noise and long service life.

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Scraper conveyor CFTGSS 32/40

Handling capacity :25-40/40-60t/h.The scraper conveyor has a compact structure with low noise, and a high-strength alloy steel chain with a long service life.Fully sealed housing with good sealing, less dust and safe operation.It supports multi-point feeding with conveying capacity, low energy consumption, and low grain crushing rate.

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Belt conveyor CFTD SL50/60

Handling capacity :25-45/30-60t/h.High strength idler is adopted, with large conveying capacity, long conveying distance and high efficiency.It supports multi-point unloading with simple operation, large conveying capacity and low energy consumption.

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Site Engineering Display


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