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Why single phase diesel generator injects oil into its breathing apparatus

 2022-04-12 | View:427

In the engine's high-speed, high-load operation, the engine ventilator smoke outlet has the oil drop or has the oil mist to spray, explaining the ventilator to spray the engine oil. If the phenomenon of oil injection is not obvious, another method can be used to judge. Take a clean bottle of mineral water and fix it at the end of the breathing tube, so that the air discharged by the breathing apparatus can enter the mineral water bottle, single phase diesel generator runs at full speed and at full load for about 30 minutes. If there is oil in the mineral water bottle, it is judged as engine oil.

single phase diesel generator

The single phase diesel generator injects oil because the pressure in the crankcase increases as the amount of gas flowing down the combustion chamber of the diesel engine increases, and the respirator does not have time to separate all the oil and gas, resulting in the injection of oil from the outlet. The long-time spraying of engine oil on the respirator is liable to decrease the filter performance of the respirator and increase the exhaust pressure in the crankcase of the diesel engine, which is disadvantageous to the sealing of the crankcase, in particular, the crankshaft sealing at both ends of the journal prone to oil leakage. This can be caused by excessive oil levels in the sump, engine oil deterioration, ventilator failure, air filter failure, or a short circuit in the intake system that causes dust or impurities to enter the cylinder of the single phase diesel generator, it needs to be checked and repaired.

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