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Possible cause of cylinder burst in single phase diesel generator

 2022-03-08 | View:899

In winter, due to the low temperature, the single phase diesel generator is easy to burst the cylinder. There are several reasons that may cause the single phase diesel generator to burst the cylinder. What are the reasons?

1. Cooling water is added only after starting. After the diesel engine starts, the temperature in the single phase diesel generator rises immediately. If the cooling water is taken at this time, the cylinder body and cylinder head are cooled sharply, and cracks will be caused by cold shrinkage.


2. No cooling water is released after shutdown. The water in the machine freezes into ice, the volume increases, and the cylinder body and cylinder head burst.

3. When the generator set is operating, the cooling water is short or the temperature of the tank boiler machine is too high, and the cooling water is suddenly involved. Cylinder body and cylinder head overcooling shortening can also cause cracking.

4. The generator leader hour operation, the machine temperature is high, after parking immediately let off the high temperature water. It will cause high-temperature parts to crack suddenly in cold air.5, the use of decompression machine shutdown, so that the high temperature cylinder head suddenly encountered cold air resulting in cracking.

Knowing these factors, we can start from these factors, so as to avoid the occurrence of single phase diesel generator cylinder explosion as much as possible.

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