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How to look at the price of agriculture tractors for sale?

 2021-10-12 | View:532

In recent years, the agriculture tractors for sale, market saturation, farm operator competition is intense, there are often foreign tractor acting spin plow land, everywhere some farm operators found that foreign tractors are often cheaper than local tractor rotary tillage land charges because the price is cheap, a lot of people make out-of-town tractor rotary tillage land, causing local tractor no farm work to do, The normal income that affects farming machine hand seriously, why?

First of all, there is some cleverness tractor driver at the time of rotary tillage land, often of rotary cultivator blade knife handle, some normal rotary cultivator is 52 pieces of the rotary knife, he often 46 slices, 44, even to such rotary tillage can will more effort, reduced fuel consumption of the corresponding, so his fee will be reduced.

foreign 4x4 tractors for sale

In the second place, there are some foreign 4x4 tractors for sale, at the beginning of the rotary tillage is deep, and deliberately let farmers saw very happy, but, wait for rotary tillage operation to the middle of the distance, he will put up ler raise and rotary tillage is shallow, so, tractor load is reduced and fuel consumption is decreased.

The third point is that the speed of some tractors is relatively fast, and the speed ratio of the rotary tiller is also relatively fast. Because the speed is too fast, the soil after rotary tillage is large lumps of earth, normal 20 minutes of rotary tillage land, he completed in 10 minutes, then his cost is low, the charge is low.

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