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Working principle of single - phase air - cooled diesel engine

 2021-09-30 | View:728

Although single-phase air-cooled diesel engine only has a cylinder of diesel engine, but our single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine in engineering machinery, power industry, agricultural machinery, Marine machinery and other fields is very good performance. Chinese diesel enginemanufacturers because of the single-phase air-cooled diesel engine has the characteristics of light weight, simple layout, small volume and convenient maintenance and the majority of users like. That our majority of users although very like single cylinder air cooled diesel engine, but how many people know the working principle of our single cylinder air cooled diesel engine? So let's just generalize about this.

operating cycle of the air cooled diesel engine for sale

Each operating cycle of the air cooled diesel engine for sale goes through four processes: intake, compression, work and exhaust. In a working cycle, only one stroke is to do work, and the other three strokes are auxiliary strokes to create conditions for doing work. Therefore, the work of the single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine is not stable. The development of single-phase air-cooled diesel engine still depends on the innovation of science and technology, and constantly use new technology to improve the existing shortcomings and deficiencies of air-cooled diesel engine and expand its use range. For example, for its assembly of oil limiting device, emission control device, etc., to meet the needs of motor vehicles and environmental protection.

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