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What parts do farm tractors consist of?

 2021-08-11 | View:701

The agricultural tractor is composed of an engine, transmission system, walking system, steering system, braking system, electrical system, and tractor external hydraulic suspension system.

1 Engine

The engine is composed of body, crank linkage mechanism, supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting system, and so on. The heat energy generated by the combustion of diesel oil in the engine cylinder is converted into rotating mechanical energy through the piston, crank, and connecting rod structure. All kinds of agricultural tractors are powered by compression ignition diesel engines.

2 Drive system

The transmission system consists of a clutch, gearbox, central transmission, and terminal transmission system. The transmission system is the power of the engine through the gearbox, the central transmission, the end of the transmission system after the speed increase to drive wheel, and power output shaft and output pulley.

3 Steering system

The steering system is mainly composed of a steering wheel, steering gear, and transmission rod. Their function is to make the two front wheels of the deflect, and make the deflection Angle meet the requirements of the regulations, to realize the steering of the tractor.

 agricultural tractor

4 Braking system

The braking system consists of two parts: brake and control mechanism. The brakes are mounted on the final drive half shaft, one on each side. The function of the braking system is to slow down and stop the agricultural tractorat high speed.

5 Walking system

The walking system consists of three parts: front axle, guide wheel, and drive wheel. The function of the walking system is to support the whole weight of the agricultural tractor, to transform the engine power from the transmission system into the driving force needed when the tractor works through the interaction between the driving wheel and the ground, and to change the rotating motion of the driving wheel into the movement of the tractor on the ground.

6 Electrical system

The electrical system is an important part of agricultural tractors. Its performance directly affects the economy, reliability, and safety of tractors. It consists of a power supply, a starter, a charging device, a lighting signal circuit, and an instrument and auxiliary equipment.

7 hydraulic suspension system

The hydraulic suspension system is composed of the hydraulic part, suspension part, and control part. Hydraulic part includes oil pump, distributor and cylinder, and other components. The suspension part includes the upper pull rod, the diagonal pull rod, and the lower pull rod, and other components. Agricultural tractorsusually use the form of three-point suspension to control agricultural machinery and tools. The specific form is that the front end of the pull rod and the pull rod are hinged with the tractor, and the back end is hinged with the farm tools. The farm tools get traction from the tractor through the pull rod, and the hydraulic part is controlled by the control mechanism, so that the tractor can transfer the farm tools on the hook in the field or for short transportation.

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