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Chinese Export of Tractors from Small to Sedium and Big Change Trend is Accelerating

 2021-07-23 | View:521

The export of tractors in China is changing from small tractors to medium and big tractors. The export structure of tractors is accelerating adjustment and the trend of large tractors is strong. According to the statistics of China's customs, the export of large tractors with more than 100 horsepower increased significantly, with the export of 4,143 units and the export value of 120 million US dollars, up 25.1%; The export of medium-sized tractors with 25 to 100 horsepower increased steadily, with the export volume reaching 28,000 units and 240 million US dollars, up by 4.4 percent. The export of walking tractors increased slightly, with 78,008 units exported to US $65.5 million, up 1.1%; Exports of small tractors under 25 horsepower declined slightly to 20,061 units and amounted to 45.96 million US dollars, which was basically the same as last year.

After experiencing a continuous decline in China's tractor export in 2018 and 2019, the export quantity and export volume of both small and big tractors in 2020 have increased. In 2020, China will export 130,000 tractors, with a year-on-year growth of 9.7% (the same below), and export volume of USD 480 million, with an increase of 8.5%. It is estimated that the export of tractors in China will maintain the growth momentum in 2021. (Author: Wu Jingfang, Engineering Agricultural Machinery Branch of China Chamber of Commerce)

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In 2020, the export of small tractors and medium and big tractors in China reached 181 countries, and the top ten export markets were the United States, Germany, India, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Indonesia.

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