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How to clean and maintain a tractor after being flooded in rain

 2021-03-15 | View:461

Cleaning and maintenance of tractor after being flooded with rain:

In coastal areas with abundant rain and frequent typhoons, tractors are prone to rain and flooding. If the locomotive is not cleaned and maintained in time, it will seriously harm the mechanical performance and service life of the tractor. After the tractor is exposed to rain and water, the following treatments are recommended:

1. Clean the dirt and weeds on the tractor in time.

2. Remove the exhaust pipe and clean the dirty cement sand inside.

3. Clean the air filter. First clean the filter element with diesel oil, then soak it with engine oil, and then assemble it after the excess engine oil drips from the filter screen.

4. Remove the cylinder head, take out the valve block, wash the dirt, remove the rust and grind the valve.

5. Remove the inserts in the vortex chamber, clean the impurities, and dredge the blocked main nozzles and start holes on the inserts.

6. Remove the connecting rod nut, take out the piston and connecting rod group for cleaning, and use a copper scraper or bamboo stick to remove the carbon deposits on the piston.

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7. Drain the dirty oil in the fuel tank, clean the fuel tank, diesel filter, and fuel injection pump.

8. Discharge the cooling water and flush the impurities in the cooling water with water until clean water flows out of the drain.

9. Drain the lubricating oil in the oil pan and clean the oil pan and filter with diesel oil. After washing, add mixed oil (2/3 engine oil, 1/3 diesel), shake the crankshaft several times, clean the lubricating oil tank, then release the mixed oil, add clean engine oil to the specified scale position.

10. Remove the clutch, clean the parts with diesel, and then dry them before installing.

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