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Purchase skills of agriculture tractors

 2021-03-03 | View:108

1. Choose Type

There are three types of agriculture tractors: walking tractors, wheeled tractors and crawler tractors; according to the power, they can be divided into large, medium and small tractors. To purchase a tractor, you must choose the model according to the type, amount and intensity of the main farmland operations of the surrounding farmers. At the same time, it must be selected according to the specific conditions of other agricultural machinery operators.

2. To calculate economic accounts

It is not easy for farmers to accumulate some money. Buying agriculture tractors is often an investment behavior in order to make more money. Therefore, whether it is worth buying tractors, we must first measure their cost-performance ratio. The so-called tractor performance-price ratio refers to the ratio of the tractor's performance to its price. A good tractor is a good tractor with good performance and low price.

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3. Selection, inspection and commissioning

Check the appearance of the casing, castings, and tires, check the safety protection devices, whether the safety warning signs are complete, check whether the operating mechanism is reliable, check the engine oil height, add diesel and cooling water, and stop for water and oil leaks.

4. Check the attached accessories and ask for an invoice

Check and verify the accompanying accessories, certificates and documents and product qualification certificates, agricultural machinery promotion license stamps, "three guarantees" certificates (service cards), instruction manuals, maintenance manuals and accessories. After purchasing the goods, actively ask the seller for the invoice formally printed by the finance and taxation department.

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