Changfa series spare parts
Changfa series spare parts

Product Highlights

It is widely used in water pump units, generator sets, ditch tillers, tillers, walking tractors, vehicles, ships, construction machinery and other power supporting fields.

It is widely used in tractors, small and medium-sized transportation machinery, water pump units, irrigation, plant protection, construction machinery, generator sets, air compressors, mini construction machinery and other power supporting fields.

It is widely used in terrible operating environments and high-intensity operations of the coastal area. It is designed and developed for high-quality, high-reliability, and excellent-performance marine diesel engines for both coastal and inland ships.

Tianma Bearing: made for special crankshaft

Deploying the domestic leading high quality Tianma brand double rolling bearing. handy starting, smooth running; deploying Changfa special high strength crankshaft with domestic leading dynamic balance and heat treatment technology. Thus, crankshaft runs smoother, operating with less vibration and higher reliability.

Binzhou Bohai and Rizhao Jingang’s piston
Using high-quality Binzhou Bohai and Rizhao Jingang’s pistons and other high-quality materials, the production is accurate, reliable in quality; also durable, and does not leak oil. We fully guarantee the normal operation of the engine.

Yizheng Shuanghuan and Nanjin Feiyan’s piston ring
Piston rings from Yizheng Shuanghuan and Nanjing Feiyan are used. Efficient, wear-resistant, durable, air-proof and oil-proof.

Nanjing Weifu and Shandong Xinya’s oil pump
The domestic leading Nanjing Weifu brand or Shandong Xinya brand oil pump is employed, which is more efficient and more precise in timing; quantitative, constant pressure and strong fuel injection ensure the high efficiency of the machine; the supporting parts of the fuel injection pump are durable, ensuring the machine long-term efficient use and long life.

Zhongyuan cylinder liner
It employs domestic well-known brand Zhongyuan cylinder liner, adopts high-quality materials, lean manufacturing technology and high-precision processing. The cylinder liner has excellent precision, high wear resistance and can be used for a long time.

Heze Huaxing Injector
Heze Huaxing, Shandong Xinya, and Nanjing Weifu injectors produced with high-tech precision have outstanding nozzle atomization effect; thus, the engine combustion is sufficient, the power is stronger, and no black smoke is produced.

New type air filter
It adopts the domestic leading new air filter with good filtering effect.


Nanquan high pressure oil pipe
Adopting Nanquan high pressure oil pipe, long service life.

Special gear motor
Adopting special motor, long service life and good reliability.

New oil bath type plastic air filter
The first domestic small diesel engine with a new type of oil-bath plastic air filter has higher filtration efficiency and better reliability.

Light anti-knock water and oil tank
By employing the domestic leading light anti-knock water and oil tank, it will never crack.

Precision oil volume calibration device
It adopts the domestic leading precision engine oil calibration device to keep the engine running at nominal speed without emitting black smoke.



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