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Big tractor for sale | Composition of a big tractor

 2022-12-20 | View:341

Our big tractor for sale. Although big tractors are complex machines with different types and sizes, they all have the same components and the next section describes the components of a big tractor.


big tractor for sale

Big tractors are made up of three main components: the engine, the chassis, and the electrical equipment.


1. The engine

Our big tractor for sale is mostly powered by a diesel engine.


2. Chassis

It is the device by which the Big tractor transmits its power. Its role is to transmit the power of the engine to the driving wheels and the working device to make the Big tractor travel, and to complete the mobile work or fixed role. This role is achieved through the interplay and coordination of the transmission system, the travel system, the steering system, the braking system, and the working device, which at the same time form the skeleton and body of the Big tractor. Therefore, we call the above four systems and devices collectively the chassis, that is to say, in the overall Big tractor, all other systems and devices, except for the engine and electrical equipment, are collectively called the Big tractor chassis.


3. Electrical equipment

It is the device that ensures that the Big tractor uses electricity. Its role is to address lighting, safety signals, and engine starting.


The above is the composition of the big tractor, hope it can be helpful to you. If you are looking for a big tractor for sale, please contact us directly.

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