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CF805SD Indian governmental certification test

 2020-11-19 | View:425

India is a big agricultural country which has 1.3 billion people. With the development of economy, Indian agricultural mechanization operation efficiency is getting higher and higher. This large agricultural machinery market attracts many well-known global agricultural machinery manufacturers to grab this machinery market in India. Changfa, as a very famous agricultural machinery manufacturer in China, follows the pace of the times to develop this big market.

In accordance with the company's strategic plan, we will succeed in entering Indian tracked combine harvester market in 2017. In order to achieve this target. We need to finish the combine harvester governmental certification test before July, 2017.

As it’s planned before, we started the phase one governmental test(Paddy test) in TTC(Training and test center), Hisar city, Haryana state. The test started from 27th, Oct and finished on 5th, Nov. They mainly tested the harvesting efficiency, loss rate, breakage rate, cleaning rate and fuel consumption of our CF805SD combine harvester. Without any doubt, all the above data meets Indian national standards.

Many local officers and farmers inspected the performance of our CF805SD combine harvester. All of the local people are satisfied with the performance of our machine, especially the low loss rate, low breakage rate and high cleaning rate.

The first stage test achieved full success. We believe that CF805SD combine harvester will achieve great success after we finish all the governmental tests in 2017.

CF805SD combine harvester

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