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The basic components of agriculture tractors

 2021-03-01 | View:110

Although agriculture tractors are relatively complex machines, their types and sizes are also different, but they are all composed of three parts: engine, chassis and electrical equipment.

1. Engine

The engine is a device for agriculture tractors to generate power. Its function is to convert the thermal energy of the fuel into mechanical energy to output power. The agriculture tractors currently produced in my country all use diesel engines.

2. Chassis

The chassis is the power transmission device of agriculture tractors. Its function is to transfer the power of the engine to the driving wheels and the working device to make the tractor travel and complete the mobile operation or fixation. This function is realized through the cooperation and coordination of the transmission system, the walking system, the steering system, the braking system and the working device. At the same time, they constitute the frame and body of the tractor. Therefore, we collectively refer to the four systems and one device mentioned above as the chassis. In other words, in the entire tractor, all other systems and devices except the engine and electrical equipment are collectively referred to as the tractor chassis.

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3. Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is a device that guarantees electricity consumption of agriculture tractors. Its role is to solve lighting, safety signals and engine starting.

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